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The LaSalle Group

Family-Owned. Industry Leader. Award-Winning. Smart and Steady Growth.

Based in Irving, Texas, with locations around the country, The LaSalle Group focuses primarily on real estate development of senior living communities. Founded in 1990, LaSalle builds, owns, and operates its communities through 4 divisions, which fully support the Autumn Leaves communities from inception through design, construction, and management of operations:

MWW Development

Identifies and develops locations for future communities.

Winfield Design

Directs all design aspects of our senior living communities from layout and décor to safety and functional requirements.

Lake Superior Contracting

Oversees design and construction of LaSalle’s real estate projects.

Constant Care Family Management

Manages and operates the company’s senior living communities.

LaSalle At a Glance

The Autumn Leaves Way

The LaSalle Group is a family-owned and operated company. We value family and family values: Mutual respect, care, and concern for each other and for all are the foundation of everything we do. We call it “The Autumn Leaves Way”:

Family First.

Home is at the heart of all we do. Whether it’s a new employee joining the company or a resident moving into an Autumn Leaves community, each becomes part of our family in a caring, supportive, and respectful environment.

Memories Matter.

We know what matters and strive to make happy memories. We create opportunities every day to promote positive memories in the lives of our residents and employees by knowing and celebrating each of their individual life stories. In fact, this personalized approach to caring for our residents is the basis of our “So Much More” programming at our Autumn Leaves communities.

Strong Roots.

We are responsive and responsible to the community and our co-workers. As a recognized leader in senior living and memory care, we readily share our knowledge and compassion with professionals through education and support. We are equally supportive of each other in our daily work, which enriches our residents’ lives and makes us better and stronger as a company.